The customer service, one of the company's strengths, is ensured by streamlined, efficient logistics that use the newest technologies for the effective management of goods.

Our numbers

Total storage area of more than 70,000 m², 8 km of linear ground racks for a height of 9 meters.

65 dedicated people and 9 months of stock for the high rotating articles.

These are the numbers of the new Japanparts srl warehouse, inaugurated in 2019.

Automatic picking lines

The automated system, for zero human error picking, counts:

  • 66,000 mini-load stockage boxes, managed by sophisticated software
  • 10 Kardex machines managed by a fast and fully automatic system
  • 22,000 high-rotation and small-sized articles handled

The system ensures maximum operational flexibility, adapting to workloads in real time.

Incoming goods

3.000 incoming containers were handled by Japanparts srl in 2022, with a daily average of 13.000 lines processed, for a total of 70.000 pieces.

All thanks to an advanced software that speeds up management times for receiving goods.

From the warehouse to the customer

  • Order management takes place within 48 hours.
  • Delivery in Italy is ensured within 24 hours (48 for the islands).
  • in export Japanparts S.r.l. standard delivery time is about  5 days.
  • Over 250 are the urgent orders processed daily.