JP Goes Green

Japanparts goes green!

Japanparts has always produced its packaging with green, environmentally sustainable and totally recyclable materials! From today, it also offers the customer a page dedicated to recycling, with indicated in a clear and simple way, the materials used for packaging and the indication of the type of recycling to be adopted.

We would like to remind everyone that it is always necessary to refer to the regulations of one's municipality in order to dispose of packaging in the correct way!

But then, what materials japanparts uses for packaging?

Japanparts uses those types of material:

PAP 20      | Corrugated cardboard (inner outer packaging)

PAP 21      | Non-corrugated cardboard (inner outer packaging)

PP 04        | Low Density Polyethylene

PP 05        | Polypropylene (inner packaging)

FOR 50     | Wood

42-49        | Other metal

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