One of the most complete offers on the market for Asian cars and constantly growing for European. All types of filters are included in the range, including Gas filters and Transmission filters.


Full coverage both European and Asian, with over 1,500 codes between pads and brake discs painted R90 approved. There are also brake shoes and all hydraulic spare parts. 24 months warranty on the whole family.


All the parts necessary for the repair of clutches are available, including several kits for dual and single mass flywheels. The product range is completed by the offer of spare parts such as clutch plates, pumps, cylinders, all with a 24-months guarantee.


Full European and Asian coverage with the recent introduction of Chain Timing Kits and Timing Belt Kits, all with water pump. We also offer belts, dampers and various tensioners.


For engine cooling, we offer water pumps, radiators, thermostatic valves and a selection of products with over 1.400 codes, covering 90% of the vehicle fleet. The products are distinguished by a quality and design equal to the OE and contribute to the fuel consumption reduction.


An offer of constant velocity joints covering 90% of applications. The range also includes boots and is continuously developing to meet customer needs.


A complete offer for European, Asian and American applications that has no equal, with over 13.000 references, supported by a dedicated warehouse of over 30.000 square meters.

More than 2.500 references are for standard shock absorbers, gas springs and electronically controlled air suspensions, as well as for all linkage components including complete track control arm kits.


The range of electrical products is increasingly complete and performing. An extensive offer, covering the main customer needs, with alternators, starters, sensors, HKT glow plugs, coils, cables and other products.


A very wide range of products to cover grinding needs. All products are of high quality, supported by a timely service. Complete engines enhance the offer.